The science of sleep – and how it informs NuCalm technology.

The main chemical messenger responsible for inhibiting neural activity goes by the acronym GABA. Working in tandem with serotonin and melatonin, GABA transitions the brain and body from an aroused state to a relaxed state.

The NuCalm® Biosignal Processing Disc works by emitting electromagnetic frequencies that activate GABA receptors in the body, thereby slowing its internal systems and preparing them for deep relaxation and sleep.

Research indicates that NuCalm® provides the equivalent of two hours of deep, restorative sleep in as little as 20 minutes. And restorative sleep is proven to be essential to consolidating brain and muscle memory.


How is NuCalm® so restorative? By restoring balance to your systems.

NuCalm® dramatically improves sleep quality by restoring balance to your hormonal levels, autonomic nervous system, and circadian rhythms:

Maintaining the right hormonal balance improves sleep quality and general well-being. NuCalm® restores hormone equilibrium by resetting the hypothalamus, the brain’s hormonal control center.

Restoring Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) balance is essential to your overall health, and sleep is your best opportunity to achieve it. NuCalm® helps balance your ANS by enabling you to spend enough time in the parasympathetic, “rest-and repair” state.

And NuCalm® minimizes the effects of jet lag or an irregular sleep schedule by resetting your biological clock, as well as restoring order to circadian rhythms thrown off by the blue light emitted by high-tech device screens.

By rapidly revitalizing you when sleep-deprived, NuCalm® enables you to resist illness, recover faster and more fully, and summon the energy you need to meet your daily demands and Own the Day!