Top Stresses of Working from Home

Right now, many of us are suddenly working from home. Most of us never planned to do it, and, although we are grateful to still have a job in these uncertain times, the difficulty of working from home is increasing your stress. Here are some of the top stresses of working from home that you might be feeling right now.

Fortunately, there are options to help relieve these stresses, such as NuCalm.

Lack of Structure and Focus

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is that the normal workday routine is disrupted. At first it might seem nice to be able to sleep in and not worry about the morning commute. Working from home can increase productivity because you can get started working earlier despite sleeping later.

However, overtime many people find that they are sleeping in and getting to work later, leading to a loss of work hours. Even worse, people find that they are having trouble focusing on work during the day.

In response to approaching deadlines, people work longer hours than before. There is no time for rest and recovery; all waking hours become working hours. With an increase of work hours, sleep hours diminish. People are working more and sleeping less than ever.

Permeable Boundaries

When you work in an office, your schedule is structured. However, when you’re working from home, your designated time to work, is not as clear; interruptions are frequent and it’s difficult to communicate boundaries with your spouse and family. This sudden shift in your work environment creates tension and leads to more stress.

Social Isolation

Although you will be around your spouse and family, when you’re working from home, you are deprived of social interaction with your coworkers. Simply taking fifteen minutes to recharge in the break room and chat with an associate, can reduce your overall stress.

In today’s situation, the social isolation is worse because you don’t have many incidental interactions to help take the burden of social interactions off from you. Instead, you are relying on the same few people, such as your spouse and your children. This can lead to aggravation of minor conflicts, which elevates your stress.

Added Stress Now

In the past, people who worked from home could often put kids in school, so they had several hours free from interruption. Because of the current pandemic, some students will not be returning to the classroom this Fall.

Working from home is part of a major stress complex that is pressing down on many people. People are in dire need stress relief.

Stress Relief Is Available

If you are feeling stressed by working from home, it’s time to look for highly effective stress relief tools.

NuCalm is an advanced technique for stress management. Based on the latest neuroscience, it disables your stress response, leaving you feeling calm and rested.

Adding NuCalm to your work routine is easy. Just 20 minutes a day of NuCalm can help you combat the stresses of your new routine, allowing you to be more productive and effective.